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Mole Removal in Columbia, MD

In Columbia, MD, mole removal is one of the specialties of our practice. An imperfection in the skin can be a cause of concern for a couple of reasons. It can simply be a cosmetic issue, something you want removed so you can feel more confident in your appearance. When you come in for an appointment at Medical & Aesthetic Dermatology, speak with Dr. Bansal. She will give you a full assessment of the status of your body's largest organ - your skin.

The most frequent areas of concern that we notice are the following:

  • irregular in shape
  • raised
  • changing in size or color

If we see one that gives us pause, we'll take a small bit of it for testing. It's very important to catch skin cancer in its early stages in order to fight it properly. Then, if we determine that it is cancerous or pre-cancerous, we'll perform a simple, in-office procedure to remove it. If you see anything that troubles you, it's always best to be on the safe side and get it checked out.

For residents of Columbia, MD and the surrounding areas, mole removal can be done safely, effectively and at an affordable price. Visit Medical Aesthetic Dermatology today and we'll take care of all your skin care needs.