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Dermapen is a fractional micro-needling system that works to tighten, lift and rejuvenate the skin. It’s effective in reducing stretch marks, surgical and acne scars. Fractional micro-needling uses multiple needles to vertically pierce the skin in a controlled and precise pattern. Compared to other skin rejuvenation modalities, Dermapen is safe on all skin types, takes little time to administer with minimal discomfort and virtually no downtime.

The Dermapen is an automated micro-needling system with a disposable tip cartridge that uses 12 micro-needles to vertically stamp the skin at high speed. The stamping action of the Dermapen’s tip creates micro-injuries to the skin stimulating new collagen production. In doing so, these micro-injuries encourage and harness the body’s innate ability to regrow and repair the skin through normal physiological processes.

Dermapen is as safe and effective as a fractional laser or intense pulsed light (IPL) with a significantly shorter recovery period.  

Dermapen FAQ’s:

  • Is there any pain with the Dermapen?
    • Depending on the area being needled and the aggressiveness of the session, there can be some slight discomfort. A topical anesthetic can be applied up to 1 hour prior and is removed before beginning the Dermapen to help alleviate discomfort.
  • What are the immediate after effects of the Dermapen?
    • Redness, or erythema, of the skin can appear, as well as possible pinpoint bleeding. The severity of erythema depends on how aggressive the needling was performed and individual skin type. Minimal swelling may occur and be more noticeable on the second day.
  • How many Dermapen sessions will I need?
    • Benefits of the Dermapen can be seen after just one session. It is recommended that 3-5 sessions, spaced 4-6 weeks apart, are performed for maximum results. In cases where a more aggressive needling schedule is needed, such as acne scar revision, a greater number of sessions may be necessary for maximum results.

Please visit www.dermapen.com for more information and before and after pictures.

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