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Photodynamic Therapy


Photodynamic therapy is an in-office treatment for sun-damaged skin that helps to heal precancerous lesions. It can also improve the appearance of dark spots and fine lines and wrinkles. The benefits of this type of field therapy include a reduction in freezing and/or biopsies during your skin checks. The procedure is covered by most insurance plans (including Medicare) and we will take care of the insurance pre-approval for you.

The procedure is done in three simple steps:

  1. A chemical called ALA is painted on the treatment area (most commonly scalp or face) and allowed to incubate for 1 hour
  2. Blue light (417 nm wavelength) is shone onto the treatment area for approximately 17 minutes
  3. Sunblock, a hat, and sunglasses are worn out of the office and for the next 48 hours

The treatment is repeated in 4-6 weeks and follow up appointment is booked for one month after the second treatment. The results are excellent and many people have long-lasting remissions from their precancerous lesions and a reduction in the development of skin cancers. To book your appointment, please call us!

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